Why Hire A Garage Door Specialist for Garage Door Spring Replacement

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October 30, 2014
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May 29, 2015

Why Hire A Garage Door Specialist for Garage Door Spring Replacement

Most people overlook their garage door issues, until they find that the door is no longer in working condition. Often, the issue arises with the garage door spring. The springs work under a lot of pressure and thus, tend to break down over the time. It is advised to the homeowners to not to perform the spring replacement task by their own. You might be risking your safety by attempting the spring replacement task without any professional assistance.

Understanding Garage Door Springs

The door springs are of two types – torsion and extension. Torsion springs are attached above the closed door and extension springs are mounted on the upper tracks of the door on either side. Both can break and cause a substantial personal and property harm.

Springs are tightly wound on the doors to create the tension that help the door in smooth operation. When they break, they snap with extreme force that can cause serious injury. If homeowners try to deal with a door spring, they are inviting serious danger themselves.

Before Calling the Professional

If your door is creating some weird noise, you need to lubricate the springs. Lubrication can be done easily as it doesn’t pose any risk. But, make sure you don’t touch the springs directly while lubrication. If the lubricant fails to fix the noise issue, it’s time to call a reliable garage door repair technician. You must not ignore the noise as there may be some serious problem brewing.

When & Why You Need a Professional

If the door continues to make squeaky sound even after lubrication or the springs have broken down, you need professional help. You need to understand that a door weighs around 500 pounds and its the springs that lift the entire weight. This means the strength and tension of the springs is intense. One wrong move can even cause some serious or fatal injury. This is surely not something that you want to play with.

Calling a professional is a good idea because they will:

  • Have the right equipments and techniques to replace the springs.
  • Know how to measure and cut the springs accurately.
  • Will install the springs safely to avoid accidents.
  • Will make sure that the door is balanced.

Garage door spring replacement is not at all a DIY project. If you need to replace the springs, call the professionals of Vancouver Garage Door Repair. Ours is the one stop shop for your every garage door related need. Our professionals are trained and certified for performing garage door spring, cable, opener repair and replacement tasks.

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