Professional and Durable Garage Door Spring Replacement in Vancouver

Springs are the pivotal part of a garage door that requires utmost attention. The whole garage door system relies on springs. They assist the garage doors in raising up and lowering down with ease. Springs must not be ignored as their ignorance can lead to some serious personal and property damage.

If your garage door is troubling you and not functioning smoothly, its high time to call a garage door technician.Garage door springs can be repaired or replaced easily but only when you have expert's assistance

Types of Garage Door Springs

  • Torsion Springs – These are fixed on the shaft above the center of the garage door.
  • Extension Springs – These are fixed at the upper track of either sides of the door.

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Garage Door Springs and Your Safety

The smooth functioning of the door and safety of your belongings relies on garage door springs only. If your door resists while operation or you hear some weird sound while opening or closing the door, it is advised to call a professional technician right away. Noise is the possible sign of springs demanding replacement from you.

Safety Cables of Garage Doors

Garage door springs are of two kinds- torsion and extension. Extension springs have safety cables that are fixed to the wall and run along the springs. The extension springs work under a lot of tension that can even lead to their breakage. Safety cables are meant to provide assistance to the door in case the springs are broken. It is strongly recommended to call garage door technician, if the safety cables are missing.

Unbalanced Spring

A door performing smoothly without any noise is an ideal door. If you experience any problem in operating your door, there are chances that the springs might be out of balance. Call a professional to render required help.

Spring Brackets

There are some brackets attached to the springs at the bottom. They also face extreme tension. Thus, they also required periodic maintenance.